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Imagine Studios began in a back corner of my mind. I had retired from a career of selling advertising and was so bored after a month of doing nothing that I started all kinds of projects. I put some pieces of painted furniture in a store downtown on consignment and took some classes and “snap” like a fish takes a worm, I was hooked. And this little idea that was still hiding in a back corner of my mind began to grow. Pretty soon it became a quest, and by then there was no stopping it. At the ripe old age of 67 years of age, I found myself to be the owner of a business. Imagine Studios opened for business on September 8, 2017.



Owner: Joan Lorenzen

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TOGETHER we can do this

This is a store about people and their imaginations, just like the name implies. Imagine Studios welcomes art of many different forms. We have a soft spot for women, but men are welcome too. We will display the various forms of art on consignment, giving the artisans the opportunity to show and perhaps even sell their work. We ask for volunteers from the artisans to help in performing some of the day to day operations (this is not mandatory) and also to play a part in any fund raising we decide to do. Many women and men need an outlet, a place from which they can come and go and feel a sense of belonging…of comfort. I hope that is what we provide here. I think we have made some really good friends this past three years. The pandemic has set us back from accomplishing our goals but we will continue moving in the right direction. We have many new ideas for our ongoing education to continue. Space rental to work on personal projects will also be available within the studios.

Our community is housing many senior women. Billings population is aging and the women are outliving the men. I have noticed that we have a lot of widows and many of those women are lacking in artistic outlets. Places where they can thrive, be stimulated and find fulfillment. A lot of them have hidden talents they might not even know they, themselves possess. We have an
opportunity to fill these women’s lives. I would love to see Imagine Studios help with this problem. In the past we enjoyed “hands-on“ classes within our walls. We had a lot of fun. But with the Covid Pandemic comes new ideas and solutions. It’s time for me to step out of my comfort zone and offer some virtual classes. I will do my best to create a wonderful learning environment for everyone who is ready to try this new and exciting adventure with me. If you are female between 32 and 70 years of age, I’m hoping you will join us and embrace change. TOGETHER we can do this!



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